Day 3 Jun27


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Day 3

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8am exercise and workout Jamaica Bay Inn pool
Boo Hoo, check out day. We take our last early morning walk and swim in pool before we pack our luggage. Request and granted late check-out.

10 am Champagne Buffet Brunch Whiskey Red’s
We’ve come to experience a Champagne Buffet Brunch and see the 180-degree view of the harbor from the outdoor dining patio. The setting is spectacular. We choose a shaded table near the water and sip champagne while watching water and land traffic: gulls and pelicans squabble over space and food, paddle boarder riding with his dog, the water shuttle delivering passengers, folks out for a stroll. Extended family groups, girlfriend groups, biker groups, neighbors and friends enjoy the gourmet food in this laid back setting.

The all-you-can-eat buffet is versatile and decadent. Anything goes in this not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch event. A side dining room displays 20 feet of tables laden with food. Some come only for the succulent crab legs, others for fresh oysters. If it is breakfast you’re wanting the usual choices are here: eggs (scrambled or individual omelets), crispy bacon, pork sausage, smoked salmon, waffles, pancakes, bagels, toasted breads. If it is lunch: a variety of Spanish foods, local fish, fried calamari, large shrimp, luscious ribs, baked chicken, braised pork, sausages, cooked veggies and raw salad veggies. To minimize the risk of over-eating we circle the tables to get an overview and before deciding we need to check the main dining room where 15 feet of desserts are displayed. Get the idea?

For the 1st round we’re sticking with breakfast: eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, sides of mini tomato and bagels. On the patio the festive brunch crowd is exchanging friendly greetings and sharing phone numbers and good humor with one another. Attentive and fast paced, the staff keeps up with requests, rapidly clearing dishes. Its quite an operation. WR has a 330 seat dining room in addition to this unique dining patio seating up to 200 guests and banquet facilities with 2 elegant ballrooms able to accommodate sit-down dinners for 300 people.

Our 2nd round – more lunchy: crab legs, ribs, shrimp, salads, veggies. The sky is bright blue and the sun persistently hot out here – so we’re happy to be shaded. Ceaseless water activity continues and with the changing light different parts of the Marina Harbor are highlighted keeping our attention focused on the views. Round 3: dessert. Favorites: lemon bars, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, berry pie, baklava. Had them all!

Whiskey Red’s has the Marina’s most extensive whiskey collection and prepares hand-crafted libations – if you’re into that sort of thing. We decide to play it safe and stick with champagne.

noon tour marina via Marina del Rey WaterBus
We take the WaterBus for a unique water’s-eye view of the harbor. For only $1 a ride it’s easy to get to destinations all around the Marina. There are 8 stops, enough to give visitors a taste of each area. Each stop offers something to do and see: shopping, hotels, restaurants, daytime and evening concerts, sandy beach for picnics, walking trails, safe bike trails, and more. From stop #1, here, at Whiskey Red’s we ride to stop #4, Mother’s Beach, the crescent shaped, tranquil sandy beach right in front of our hotel. Swimming, digging, running, sunning, partying and paddle-boarding in full-swing when we arrive. Sand between our toes and a snooze under a palm is the right action for now.


afternoon finale
Rested, we check out, leave our car, walk out to Washington Blvd. heading for Venice Beach. 15 minutes later we’re in Venice town center, abuzz with people and a cacophony of sound. After a cursory look at the artisan shops we turn south along the Grand Canal to the end of the jetty, marveling at the luxury apartments and attractive residential areas we’re passing. Turning back we find Bora Bora Way where we once again board a water bus (stop #8 to stop #4) back to the hotel and our car. It’s all been grand and we will definitely stay longer next time.

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