This untouched Canadian wilderness is serene, sublime nature at its finest. Beautiful mountains, lakes, trees, vegetation, with a wildlife diversity bringing it fully alive. Remarkably all is easily accessible. A rail backbone takes you to land vistas, bush (float) planes wing you to lakes and islands. Sample as you wish – your personal Wilderness Experience can be:
Pristine – enjoy the peacefulness of true, no-man nature
Creative – feed your inner artist
Velvet –  indulge and luxuriate in natural surroundings

Our Experience
Here is what we found in just one week, as we tried a little of everything. Come along with us – discover what you might see and do!

About Jan20


Algoma Country WHERE: beautiful wilderness area in North Central Ontario, Canada hugging the rocky eastern shore of Lake Superior WHAT: soft adventure, velvet wilderness: waterfalls, sparkling lakes, granite mountains, fast flowing rivers, boreal forests; birds, animals, plants bring it...

Day 1 Jan20

Day 1

fly to Toronto go After weeks of planning, exciting to finally be off to the beautiful Algoma Country Canadian wilderness. First leg is early Air Canada flight from SFO into Toronto – southeast of our final destination. Convenient door-to-door...

Day 2 Jan20

Day 2

fly to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario go Quick room breakfast, fast check out, 10 minute ride to airport for early morning (2nd in a row) check in. Our Air Canada turboprop flys low level over lakes and bays. Below, clearly visible: many islands, sailboats, summer lodges,...

Day 3 Jan20

Day 3

7:30 am board Agawa Canyon Tour Train go to/through beautiful Agawa Canyon go We arrive at the Algoma Central Railway depot; check luggage, pick up tickets, meet Michael Burtch (Group of Seven expert). He is our guide for this very popular North American rail tour. Since...

Day 4 Jan20

Day 4

trong>   8 am breakfast Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort go Robust breakfast — perfect for our wilderness hunger and fuel for our second nature tour. This morning we are searching for bear!   50 miles/80 km 9-10:30 am Pontoon Boat Nature Tour go Perfect day....

Day 5 Jan20

Day 5

breakfast in Rock Island Lodge kitchen go “Choose it yourself” buffet, in the kitchen at communal table. We join a convivial group of interesting travelers who’ve been to the area before, talking about today’s planned adventures. One of the couples,...

Day 6 Jan20

Day 6

breakfast The View Restaurant (located at the Delta Waterfront Hotel) go  From our 8th floor window we look out to the southwest and see : St Mary’s River, the Boardwalk, International bridge, Power Station, paper mill. Lots of activity down there – we want to...

Day 7 Jan20

Day 7

breakfast Delta Waterfront Hotel go Last morning, so again in a rush, we go for the Breakfast Buffet. Really a good value, nice dining room, friendly and helpful staff. We know we shouldn’t just after eating but go for a swim in the very nice indoor hotel pool anyway. 10...

Gallery Jan20


Group of Seven Examples of Paintings (from Google search)                                 see...


Thanks to all who helped create this fine experience Fun of Travel  Joseph Cillo Publisher & Editor in Chief  Mary Buttaro Creative & Photo Editor Canada  Steve Bruno Partnership Coordinator, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation   Carol...