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Day 2

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8 am light breakfast in our room
our preference – can’t eat too much because we’re getting a massage and spa and all-that

9:15 am tour MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa
Meet Ruby Turner, Director of Hotel Operations & Sales, and Dave Davis, Director of Food, Beverage & Entertainment in hotel lobby — they graciously show us around then take us to the spa. Touring MontBleu (renovated Ceasar’s) reveals the many facets of this cosmopolitan property. It has a breathtaking location, much going on. This big city resort is also a relaxed destination. 6 restaurants ranging from elegant to homestyle, a Starbucks, salon & spa, the “best entertainment”, “hottest night and dance clubs in town”. 437 rooms, each with lake or mountain view. The ubiquitous casino is fitted with the usual poker tables, roulette wheels, slots, horse race betting, high rollers area.

10 am spa treatment at Onsen Salon & Spa inside MontBleu Resort
We relax/restore in a carefully curated environment with great attention to detail. Well designed luxury experience: robe, slippers, locker, shower, sauna, steam, hot tub, pool, fitness center, privacy, luxe amenities. We enjoy an expert Swedish massage, take a steam bath, sauna, hot tub and shower. Relax in the tranquil lounge with cucumber slices on the eyelids, while sipping lemon water. Feel wonderful! Two hours of pampering is all we can fit in. No time to swim in the jungley grotto pool under the waterfall and have to pass on a fitness center workout.

1 pm brunch Red Hut Cafe
Back to an earlier time – Ice Cream Parlor and Soda Fountain right out of the 50s. Red, black, white color scheme. Checkered floor, chrome rimmed counters, red plastic stools, smiling soda jerks in uniform! Main dining room: same colors, 2 stories high, open, bright, visually stimulating. From ceiling hang 2 bright red chair lifts. Skates, 50 year old coffee tins, black/white photos of early Tahoe scenes, red 5¢ Coke signs, red plastic & chrome chairs, chrome rimmed formica tables, red light fixtures, and finally, fresh-faced young affable staff in denim shorts and red aprons! Very orchestrated – but fun! They serve breakfast and lunch all day long at reasonable prices. We share tasty food, enjoy the atmosphere.

2:30 pm enjoy Heavenly Gondola Ride
In the heart of Tahoe’s south shore, the gondola is just steps from most area hotels and downtown casinos. Incredible vistas as the gondola glides up steep hills but best views are from the Observation Deck, stop 1 on the way up. From the 17,600 sq ft deck the lake’s beauty is breathtaking, obscured only occasionally by pines. Although we didn’t, you can tip back a pint or enjoy a cocktail, smokehouse BBQ, artisan pizza and burgers at the Tamarack Lodge. Once at the top (9,136’), many choices: meander through forest trails, scramble up a 25′ climbing wall, challenge yourself to a ropes course, streak down the 3,300′ zip line, or tube down a 500’ long hill (65 ft drop). Plan to spend at least half the day here.


5 pm very scenic lakeside drive to concert
South Lake Tahoe to North Lake Tahoe. Photo-ops along way but no time to stop. Will do tomorrow.

7 pm attend Lake Tahoe SummerFest tent concert
Their 3rd season at Sierra Nevada College. We’re very excited to share this experience of classical music by the lake. Who knew such an inspiring cultural event is part of the Tahoe summer scene? Finest musicians and soloists from around the world are here. They’ve come from: Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestras of NY and LA, Symphonies of SF, Seattle, Dallas, Vancouver, Toronto and Leipzig Gewandhaus to perform symphonic music of every style and period.
Opening night: good crowd in the tent. We are seated just before conductor Joel Revzen comes out. Audience is mixed age group of music appreciators. We hear soloist tenor, Matthew Polenzani, and on horn, Erik Ralske, perform one of the great song cycles of the 20th century; a mystical rending of night dreams and sleep. Orchestra plays for 2 hours with one intermission. Music lifts our spirits and fills us with joy. Standing ovation. Everyone wants more. Afterwards, in a nearby tent, over wine we meet one-on-one with conductor and musicians.
Note: Sunday morning concerts are especially created for youngsters and their families – designed to inspire love of the arts in children and adults alike. At the Sunday afternoon “Meet the Music, Meet the Musicians”, intimate ensembles take you to far away places through narration, visuals, food and evocative music. Go, hear this!

10 pm scary-beary night drive North Lake Tahoe to South Lake Tahoe
What 4 hours ago was a scenic drive is now a kinda scary un-lighted curvy road. The moon is behind the clouds and we are guided by the reflectors on the snow poles.

11 pm stop back at Montbleu Casino Spa and Resort to see body painting at Opal Ultra Lounge
Tahoe’s hottest nightclub, where its happening from 10pm-2am. We drop in for a look-see. Slender, graceful, and clad to reveal their endowments, Go-Go dancers on elevated platforms demo moves to the grinding dancers on the floor. It is dimly lit, light beams rove and cross, colored lights flash, while DJs (2) direct the dance with their music choices. Always it is loud. Busy bar, couples cuddle, guys and gals flirt and the beat is always on. We came to see the body painting but were too early and missed that part. The renowned body painter Amber Hall is MFA degreed artist.

stay Lake Shore Lodge & Spa
We get back to a very quiet lodge, tip-top in and hit the sack.

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