Speed-Learn Conversational Spanish

A modular course presenting fundamentals of basic verbs, grammar and tenses necessary to speak in present, past and future contexts. The course builds sequentially based on previous modules but you can begin at any point. Start with: Spanish Beginners Guide and 1001 Spanish Words You Already Know

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Speed-Learn Conversational Spanish If you ever wanted to learn the basics of conversational Spanish, here is your opportunity. This integrated 4 module course presents all the fundamentals of basic verbs, grammar, and tenses necessary to speak in present, past, and future contexts. This course...

Past Jan20


Introduction/Basics present perfect tense past tense imperfect tense past perfect tense Powerpoint interactive...

Present Jan20


Introduction/Basics Super Present present simple tense present continuous tense acabar de …. form estar a punto de …. form Timeline434-3-SuperPresent-Verbs+forms acabar de 70...

Future Jan20


Introduction/Basics ir + a + infinitive form future simple tense conditional...

Help Jan20


Basic reference aids 1001 Spanish...