Day 5 Jun26


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Day 5

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Fort Worth

8 am breakfast Cowtown Diner go Sundance Square go
Our hotel, located in the downtown area, is only minutes away from our breakfast locale. Downtown Fort Worth, a glittering urban oasis, is one of the most exciting, pedestrian-friendly downtown areas in the nation. Surrounding districts – stockyards and cultural – teem with historic architecture, enchanting restaurants, music venues, art galleries, high concept eateries, boutique shops and nightlife. Year-round the arts are celebrated with music, ballet, opera, live theatre and festivals. So, is it really where the Real West Begins? It would seem so at our diner buffet breakfast. Image whiskey for breakfast!

We join a walking tour of the area passing the JFK Memorial, downtown streets – a mix of historic and new buildings, the Sid Richardson Museum, the Knights of Pythias Hall, and catch a glimpse of the imposing Tarrant County Courthouse. Sundance Square, a 35 block shopping complex, houses many specialty stores – including Texas necessities. A flyer reads, “Are you really going to walk around Fort Worth in tennis Shoes?” – a 10% off coupon at one of four emporiums will help defray the cost of some real cowboy boots. We pop into nearby shops to check out boots made of exotic leathers – they run into the thousands of dollars. Hat stores are fun and surprising. Turns out there are many shapes and colors in cowboy hats – you have to keep trying them on until one feels just right.

Slowly we make our way past the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Botanic Gardens. They are very close to one another so you could do them all in one day if you have the stamina. The Modern’s building as a shallow water moat (my word) surrounding the building. The building reflected in these pools seemingly increases its size as a mirror multiplies the light. Great effect. The Botanic Garden is known for its authentic Japanese garden.

Eventually we find ourselves in the Stockyard District, a place to experience our nation’s proud Western heritage. 15 blocks of tradition, nightlife and family entertainment. We see a cattle drive, drovers on horseback, cowboys and dancehall gals roam around town, re-enactors, who convincingly give us a taste of the way it used to be in a frontier city. There is a live longhorn cow to be mounted for a photo op. We try it, we like it! There is a talk and demo of how a cattle drive really works ….the players, their roles and the strategy used to move the herd. Most interesting. There’s a platform 712′ high for a wide view of the goings on.

TexasDay5map  55 miles

12:30 pm lunch Riscky’s BBQ go at The Stockyards
Texas sweet tea, and deep fried pickle featured in this casual rustic venue. Inside, dark but colorful neon and western motif. Outside, where we are, there are rows of picnic tables and folks join whereever there’s an opening and share the space. Nice way to meet someone new and get some insights into the real FW. The menu is simple: Buffalo burgers, barbecue, dogs, slaw, fried potatoes, fried pickles…you get the drift. Not upscale but friendly and filling.

2 pm visit tour Stockyards go
Into the horse and mule barns as we continue to explore. In 1914, with the outbreak of WW1 horses and mules were needed for the war effort. Buyers came here, to Fort Worth, to buy – the largest horse/mule market in the world at that time. Next the Sterquell Wagon Collection and the Cowboy Hall of fame – they share the building. The wagon variety on view is absolutely staggering. Wagons in every size and shape needed to deliver a unique product. Wagons for delivering the US Mail, milk in bottles and cans, meat wagon, and logs haulers. Highlight is a black hearse wagon, decorated with gold accented carvings and purple ostrich plumes. Among the famous cowboys – and there were 50+: Lyle Lovett and 3 famous Cowboy Rodeo Clowns. Each is profiled in a separate cubicle with interesting factual data and sometimes personal effects. We tour 3 of the famous bars – Buffalo Butt Beer Saloon where you sit on a saddle, White Elephant Saloon known for glass walls of cases featuring ivory carved elephants and finally a saloon where the cowboy hat is the main decor. Hats are mounted in rows above the bar and across the ceiling. This is really Cowboy Country. On our way to view the rodeo ring we stop off at a hat shop and acquire another hat. Have to look good and fit in! The ringmaster gives us a lesson in what to expect at tonight’s rodeo and we head back to the hotel to rest up before the busy evening.

6:30 pm Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo go
The arena is full. We find our seats just in time to see the grand entrance with horses and flags. Thrilling spectacle. Cowboys are getting bucked off horses at a fast clip. Only one succeeds in staying on. Bulls fight even harder to dislocate the rider. Once thrown the rider has to make a fast get away to evade the angry beast. This is when a rodeo clown uses his wit to distract the animal giving the rider time to vamoose. Fast riding, roping demos, kids attempting to lasso and tie a calf finish the action.

8 pm party Billy Bob’s Texas go
Rodeo buffet at the honky-tonk, followed by line dancing, two stepping, photo booth, tons of dessert and specialty drinks. What a day this has been.

stay Omni Fort Worth Hotel go

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