Day 8 Mon 1/22

Zion National Park + Kanab

8 am breakfast at Zion Lodge
Very lovely in the dining room this morning.
be packed and ready to go

9:30 am explore Zion National Park
Walking off our breakfast, we xxxxxxxxxxx

51 miles

1:15 pm lunch Cordwood Restaurant
Zion Mountain Ranch.

2:15 pm depart for Kanab

2:45 pm Military Vehicle Tour Jackson Flat

4 pm Soaring Southern Utah Virtual Tour
Located in Denny’s Wigwam, itself a tourist sight.

5 pm check into Hampton Inn Kanab

7:30 pm dinner Juniper Ridge restaurant
Just across the border in Arizona.

9 pm stargazing tour Star Party Tonight
Freezing but wonderful! stargazing tour

overnight Hampton Inn Kanab

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