Day 3 Jun27


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Day 3

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8 am dip/swim SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel
To shake out the cobwebs and get the engines started.

9 am breakfast Shell Cafe
The fare goes beyond a standard hotel breakfast. Many choices: fresh fruit (bananas,watermelon, oranges, cherries), choice of  juices, hot or cold cereal, pancakes, scrambled or eggs to order, bacon/sausage, yogurt, breads and pasteries. We enjoy a full and hearty breakfast.

10:30 am Hummer dunes ride with Pacific Adventure Tours at Oceano Dunes
1 hour hummer ride(the ultimate off road machine) on the sand dunes is a blast! There are five miles of dunes in this popular State Park. Cars stay mainly on the flat beach but jeeps, hummers and ATV’s adventure into the dunes. They speed up to the tops often flying across to the next dune or practice speed turns sending up a spray of sand. Exciting to watch. Our driver give us a few thrilling (chilling) moments but keeps it low-key at our request. When far enough into the sea of sand dunes you begin to appreciate their silent beauty, interesting patterns in the sand, and can witness the colors mute as the light changes. Awesome. Do it!

1 pm tour Pismo via Surrey Wheel Fun Rentals
Available are Surreys, Deuce Coupes, Choppers, Quad Sports, Cruisers, Tandems and Tag-a-long Bikes, and the Fun Cycle, a 3-wheeler that’s custom made for Pismo’s sprawling beaches that let you explore the treasure trove of coastal wildlife and California culture on 4 wheels, 3 wheels or 2 wheels. We buy lunch, rent a surrey, and spend an hour peddling our way around town and on the boardwalk. While munching lunch we peddle to check out hotels, restaurants and shops. It’s a really fun way to get to know every nook in the community.

3 pm last stop hotel dip to refresh
Pool feels wonderfully refreshing. Just the pick-up needed before starting the drive north to the homestead.

4 pm leisurely drive along beach towns on way home north
We stop at Shell Beach to watch kayaks slipping in and out of the caves. We are intrigued by the possibilities at Dinosaur Caves Park. There are a series of arches, caves, and rock gardens that are only accessible from the water and a kayak is the best vehicle for exploring. We’ve heard of a Cave Expedition through these beautiful rock formations! This tour is exhilarating and at times strenuous. A guide instructs and assists with a surf zone launch. Once passed the breakers you venture along spectacular coastal vistas, grottos, arches, kelp forests, and protected coves to the Dinosaur Caves marine playground. This can be taken by the novice or experienced paddler. These caves are both intriguing and challenging, so you choose how much adventure you can handle. Be careful you might get hooked! We’ll do it next time.

We side track a bit to Avila Beach. Heard it is worth a visit. We agree and plan to return in early December for the hot springs.

PismotoMarin 170 miles

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